Johnny Sandler

I am an artist.

The Mediums I use are Watercolor on paper, Watercolor on Veneer, Oil on Canvas and Indian ink on canvas.

I am also a Metal Smith, Sculptor and multi-Instrumentalist.

I was born March 5th, 1980 in Grove Oklahoma.

I started Traditional Painting lessons with my Father in his studio when I was 6 years old.  I studied the art of making Oil paint and Ink with him as well as the making of Walnut oil and Chestnut oil, in the traditional way. I have an incredible amount of Pride in my ability to make paint, make ink, paper and sculpt metal.

I started studying art history in 1995 and I update art history lessons regularly. I really started getting into World Art Cultures in 2003. You can never learn too much about art. I feel if you are going to devote your life to something you should completely submerge yourself in it to be connected to the history and longevity of the fundamentals and bring the avant-garde.

I believe in Art and to be called an Artist is an Honor and especially if you bring a unique personal style. Being well rounded in the arts is very important to me.

An artist is someone who creates works of ART.

A memorable artist is someone who creates something new for the world of art.

Diversity is an amazing thing to see in the world. Being a diverse artist makes life better, trust me.

I spend most of my time studying the endless advanced levels of color theory, I love color and I love painting and creating works of art.


How many people can say that they have their own completely original style?


Thank you for Viewing my art, it means the world to me.


Love,  Johnny