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After Many, many Requests I am Now Making FINE-ART Prints Available..

Starting at $20 to $200~ INK, Giclee and Canvas prints, Signed and Numbered Prints Available as well.

Inquire at                    And I will Direct you Personally

Be sure to ask about The One off Tshirt Prints, and Leggings.


Thanks for Believing in me.

It means more than You could ever know, It literally Keeps Me alive..





I know some of you have been calling and checking on me sending me emails and messages and posts and sending me positive

thoughts With Everything that We are going through With the flood and storm from Hurricane Joaquin.    We are Moving Tomorrow and it is

still up in the air until Tomorrow that

we make our decision on where we are going to Start Over.              I will be blogging More about what has been going on with the Flood at our house and

At The Higher Ground Tattooing Company.                           The Shop is Currently on Hold until I Find a new Place To Put my sign back up..

Living Through a Flood that Displaces you and Dealing with A state of emergency and Crisis, as we Had To trek through water as you

took family and animals to Higher ground as you frantically value your belongings in order of importance for their survival.

Living through the Breach of contract with my shop and parking lot situation at my business over the last year, then the place to

get such extensive Water and Mold Damage from a three year leaky roof then with the monsoon and JOAQUIN flooding everything Its

just extremely trying but I am seeing it as a sign To see things as they are and not just as I am.


I will share the exact details of them To anyone who wishes to Hear what has been going on.. We are Safe. We are together. Everyone is scared, but

that is the appropriate response To a scary situation. But many of you know me and know that I am a veteran to Extreme Situations.

It’s all a learning experience, So chin up, shoulders straight and buck back with twice the Force.










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