I’m writing a book… A humanitarian survival guide…. Let me know what you think… Here are the chapter titles..

A walk through the woods and I don’t mean trees.


By: Johnny Sandler.


1. learning to break cycles and understanding how television works.

2. unlearning anger after learning how to kill.

3. strength and strength and strength (clear thinking is a guide to surviving the pattern of irrational situational thought) note this relaxation technique is how to call on strength.

4. under reacting and reacting like a maniac and the difference of both.

5. religous zealots and controlling how you are.

6. when freemasons tell you about enlightenment.

7.being magick isnt a trick. (Sigilium)

8. hunting for food doesnt call for a physical weapon.

9. nesting in the woods is like buying a fixer upper.

10. reality, petception and how to laugh harder than anyone.

11. pet peevs, ocd, egos for sale and doing the gods job for them.

12. smile, you are alive, right? or are you asleep? (Is it all a dream)

13. homo erictis hilarious.
14. observational and responsive thinking

15. fishing hunting and how our reality is second nature.

15 1/2. tune in and remember what you already know radio show.

16. being invisable anywhere simply clear.

17. a wise lifeform once said. (Amazing quotes to live by)

18. cultures shocked from county to county just add bleach.

19. so you want to be rich? ok get a shovel and follow me.

20. how long is this evolving thing again?

21. Standing on the shoulders of giants so you can get a better vantage point.
(there’s always room for taking a good idea and making it better)

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